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Choose your crystal and claim your geode!

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Gemstones is an a-symetrical area-control shape puzzle game where you exploit the strengths of your gemstone to grow it faster and larger than your opponents.
It is 2-6 players and plays for about 30 minutes.


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In gemstones, each player has a deck of cards and matching pieces. Each type of stone is unique, and decks are made up of a single type of stone. Players draw some cards and place them in front of them, these are the pool of stones they can choose to play. Then players take turns placing a stone into the geode, following a few placing rules. At the end of the game, when no-one can place another section of their gemstone, all the points in each card that was played is counted up and whoever got the most points wins!

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The game is currently in the middle stages of play-testing, so stay tuned to see exactly what the final product will look like!

The game currently supports 6 players, but this may change as we continue development.

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