Playing Card Design Competition

Playing Card Design Competition

We, Bigger Worlds Games, intend to commission one custom set of 54 standard playing cards for $400 USD. We are taking proposals in the form of 3 sample cards from your idea along with an explanation on the theme and how the rest would look like.

The theme should be decided by you and play to your strengths as an artist. The primary measure we will be using is:

  • Professionalism. How good the quanlity of the work appears to have.
  • Ease of play. That each court and suit is different and recognisable to play with.
  • Origionality and popularity of the theme. Bonus points if there aren’t many other sets in that theme, or if the theme is something very popular.

If you are not sure what theme to go with, some of our suggestions are:
– Gemstones.
– Circuits.
– Fantasy monsters.
– Cats.
– Steampunk.

Please attatch or include a link to your 3 card samples along with a short explenation of the theme.

The deadline for the competition is the 30th April 2023.

Please submit your designs to:

Thank you!