Web Design Intern Opportunity

Web Design Intern Opportunity

Hello! Bigger Worlds Games is looking for a web-design intern to re-vamp our web page and online store.

This will be a partially-paid internship, where a commission of $500 would be paid on completion of the project, and we would expect the time spent to be ~40 hours, more if learning unfamiliar technologies is required for you.

We will also be supporting you technically as we have our own software engineer so this is intended as a learning experience as well.

This posting is ideal for someone who has had experience setting up their own website before with WordPress and is familiar with using HTML/CSS, to have their first bit of experience working with a client on a real-life commission. A good quality and professionalism is expected along with keeping to pre-agreed upon deadlines.

If you would like to apply, please send your resume to: contact@biggerworldsgames.com along with your previous experience and what you would like to learn during the project.

Deadline for applications will be on the 12th of May.

Thank you!